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An urban oasis you can taste

Street-friendly presence anchors GRI's strategy for "fun" and "fresh" restaurant in Mexico City.

Nestled in Mexico City's trendy Polanco neighborhood, Spuntino offers guests a diverse menu that features mouth-watering artisan pizzas, pastas and meats in a fun and fresh atmosphere. With intense competition in the area, the Malazzo family, owners of the restaurant,  wanted a venue that didn't just stand out but also represented the family's 30-year obsession with quality and Argentinian tradition.


To accomplish this, GRI Consulting designed a space with a street-friendly, open air presence, taking advantage of the restaurant's location adjacent to Parque Lincoln, a sprawling urban oasis in the city. From there, GRI used modern, yet classic materials that invite patrons walking by or driving to sit down, relax and enjoy some good food and pleasant weather.


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